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The red flames
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the ad h l n ds drivers

Get in on the road trip of a lifetime for Percy Cross as she finds herself shanghaied to the edge of reality by the Underworld Transportation Authority: the supernatural trucking system that express-delivers elements of evil from a multi-dimensional, multi-cultural multiplicity of hells.

© 2023 D.G. Chichester & Karl Waller

Every s ond counts when your business is ernal damnation

Forced to partner with veteran driver Virgil Shift aboard a possessed 18-wheeler named Smokin’ Sammy; in thrall to the demonic UTA dispatcher Necros Terminal; Percy must navigate between “along for the ride”and “taking the wheel” in a series of wild-weird adventures — all the while searching for a way to free herself from this literal job from hell.

© 2023 D.G. Chichester & Karl Waller

first issue facts

The first part of a five-issue story line

Mini-posters, stickers, in-comic credits & original art

24 pages

Full color art




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devils in e d ails





Daredevil: Fall From Grace, Daredevil: Fall of the Kingpin, Nightstalkers, Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Terror, Inc.

TSR, Dark Horse’s Greatest World, Wonder Woman, Wolverine



Wesy Wong/


Pat Bsseau



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a ng for e ride
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Over 20 years ago, Karl tossed out a question that I at first laughed off: “What about something with interdimensional truckers and hot truck stop women?” But later, I found something there that kept nagging at me…until a portal opened up, a hot blaze that set my keyboard burning. Fueled in part by a 4 foot stack of books on hell, I found myself typing without break, creating (channeling?) what would be the bible for Percy’s adventures. Virgil, Necros, the UTA, many, many underworlds and many, many adventures beyond this first one — it’s all there. We originally called it “Route 666” and began to pitch it to publishers of the day.

While It didn’t happen then, when Karl and I reconnected about 5 years ago, we asked each other the same question in the same breath: “Remember that girl driving the road to hell?” I’m convinced certain stories come to you, demanding to be told. And if you’re not smart enough to accept their invitation, they’ll go on to someone else. So we’ve been working hard to get it right and give it life. It’s taken a bit longer than we thought, but we’re now ready to share Axles Infernal with readers, truckers and demons across all dimensions. It’s time to ride like the devil — we hope you dig the trip.

— D.G. Chichester

© 2023 D.G. Chichester & Karl Waller


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